Everything you need for PBT.
Resistance Band | 3 Pack of Fusion Balls | Exercise Ball | Massage Ball | PBT Toe Socks
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  • 1 x 3m Resistance Band: Maximise your strength and flexibility training with our durable resistance band, tailored for PBT exercises and latex free.
  • 3 x Pack of Fusion Balls with Pump: These versatile fusion balls are perfect for improving balance, coordination, and core strength. Easy to inflate with the included pump, they're an essential tool for every PBT class.
  • 1 x Premium Exercise Ball (fit ball): A staple in PBT, our exercise ball aids in developing key muscles used in ballet. Its robust design ensures safety and longevity, making it ideal for daily practice.
  • 1 x Massage Ball: Accelerate your recovery and alleviate muscle tension with our therapeutic massage ball.
  • 1 x PBT Toe Socks: Slip into comfort and style with our specially designed PBT socks. They provide excellent grip and flexibility, allowing for seamless movement and enhanced performance.