Size Guides + Ball Instructions

PBT Non Slip Toe Socks Size Guide 

Size EU US
S 35-38 4-7
M 39-42 8-10
L 43-46 11-12

 This size is a guide. The socks are 5 toe non slip socks and are 

Ball Instructions:

Exercise/Fitball Inflation Information:

Before using your Exercise Ball it is extremely important to first pump the ball up approx. 80% of its size. You should be able to easily push your finger down into the ball.

Then, leave for 24 hours before pumping the ball up further.

Do not over-inflate.

The ball is fully inflated when it feels firm and supportive but not tight like a drum. It should have a little give when you sit on it.

Once fully inflated, use a permanent marker and put the date on the exercise ball. You should not use a ball that has been inflated more than 12 months.

Fusion Ball Instructions:

Place two objects, such as two boxes, 20cm (8 inches) apart from each other and inflate the ball to the point where the edges of the ball are touching each object.

Leave for 24 hours.

Then places two objects (e.g. boxes) 23cm (9 inches) apart from each other and further inflate the ball to fit between the two objects. This is the maximum the ball should be inflated.

Do not over-inflate.


Exercise Ball/Fit Ball Correct Height 

The PBT exercise balls come in three sizes, Small (marked 55cm), medium (marked 65cm) and large marked 75cm).

Note: Exercise balls are measured differently from brand to brand. We have seen large differences in the measurements when comparing a 55cm ball from one company to a 55cm ball to another. For our exercise balls, please use the below information.

Small (labelled 55cm) for heights 116cm (3' 8") to 142cm (4' 8")

Medium (labelled 65cm) for heights 143 (4' 8.5") - 164cm (5' 4.5")

Large (labelled 75cm) for heights 165cm (5' 5") and over

When sitting on the ball, your thighs should be parallel with the ground.


Safety Before Use:

Inspect the Ball surface before each use. If you find gouges, cracks, peeling or other blemishes DO NOT use the ball.

Check the inflation of the Ball and DO NOT use if over inflated or under inflated (Exercise ball / fit-ball). 

Burst resistance (Your Safety Factor) is greatly reduced if you use a damaged or incorrectly inflated Ball.

DO NOT use a ball unsupervised if you have any balance or musculo-skeletal problems, as this may lead to injury.

Always use away from exercise equipment, sharp objects or high traffic areas.

Check the inflation date and do not use balls that have been inflated more than 12 months

NEVER attempt to repair a damaged or marked ball

NEVER use a ball that has been kicked, hit or misused

NEVER leave the ball near a heat source as the ball may explode due to expansion of the air inside the ball.