A compression posture garment for dancers.

A revolutionary posture-correcting compression jacket designed specifically for dancers. Backalast's mission is to help dancers strengthen thoracic spine strength and assist them in finding the neutral position for the head, neck, and shoulders. The jacket is made from a breathable compression fabric that stretches in four directions and is cleverly equipped with multiple layers of mesh support to enhance awareness of key posture corrections. It emphasizes the neutral position of the scapulae, prevents the occurrence of winged scapula, and provides a stable foundation for arm positioning.

PBT Pack.

Resistance Band + Exercise Ball + 3 Fusion Balls + Massage Ball + Toe Socks

Elevate your Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) classes with our meticulously curated 'PBT Pack'. This exclusive bundle is designed to enhance every aspect of your ballet training, ensuring a comprehensive and fulfilling workout.

  • 1 x High-Quality 3m Resistance Band: Maximize your strength and flexibility training with our durable resistance band.
  • 3 x Pack of Fusion Balls with Pump: These versatile fusion balls are perfect for improving balance, coordination, and core strength.
  • 1 x Premium Exercise Ball: A staple in PBT, our exercise ball aids in developing key muscles used in ballet. Its robust design ensures safety and longevity, making it ideal for daily practice.
  • 1 x Massage Ball: It's an excellent way to soothe sore muscles after an intensive PBT session.
  • 1 x PBT Socks: Slip into comfort and style with our specially designed PBT socks. They provide excellent grip and flexibility, allowing for seamless movement and enhanced performance.
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