Resistance Band | 3m (10ft) length

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Resistance Band | 3m (10ft) length — Size
Resistance Band | 3m (10ft) length pack size

Unlock the full potential of your PBT class or workout with our specially designed PBT Resistance Band. Available in two strengths to cater to a range of needs, this band is a vital tool for ballet dancers at any stage of their training. 

Essential 3m (10ft) Length: Our resistance band measures 3 meters (10 ft), the perfect length for effective PBT wrapping exercises. This allows for full range of PBT exercises. Shorter bands cannot be used for many PBT exercises.

Strength Variations:

  • Light Strength (Yellow): Ideal for children aged 8 or under, beginners or those recovering from an injury. It offers gentle resistance, helping build strength gradually.
  • Medium Strength (Purple): Perfect for PBT practitioners aged 8 and over, providing just the right resistance for daily training and improving ballet techniques.

Durability and Comfort: Made with a robust, latex-free material, our band is designed to withstand daily use while providing comfort, even for those with latex sensitivities.

Versatile Use: Perfect for PBT, but also suitable for yoga, Pilates, strength training, and other fitness programs, making it a versatile addition to any workout routine.

Latex-Free for Safe Use: Crafted with hypoallergenic materials, our band is suitable for all users, preventing allergic reactions and ensuring you can focus solely on performance enhancement. 

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