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Everything you need for PBT!

Elevate your Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) classes with our 'PBT Pack'.

  • 1 x 3m Resistance Band: Maximize your strength and flexibility training with our durable resistance band, tailored for PBT exercises and latex free.

  • 3 x Pack of Fusion Balls with Pump: These versatile fusion balls are perfect for improving balance, coordination, and core strength. Easy to inflate with the included pump, they're an essential tool for every PBT class.

  • 1 x Premium Exercise Ball: A staple in PBT, our exercise ball aids in developing key muscles used in ballet. Its robust design ensures safety and longevity, making it ideal for daily practice.

  • 1 x Massage Ball: Accelerate your recovery and alleviate muscle tension with our therapeutic massage ball.

  • 1 x PBT Toe Socks: Slip into comfort and style with our specially designed PBT socks. They provide excellent grip and flexibility, allowing for seamless movement and enhanced performance.



XS Pack for heights 116cm / 3' 8" to 142cm/4' 8

S Pack for heights 143cm / 4' 8.5" to 157cm /5' 2"

M Pack for heights 158cm / 5' 2.5" to 172cm / 5' 8"

L Pack for heights 172cm/5' 8.5" and above

Resistance Band

3m long | 15cm wide Resistance Band (Stretch Band or Theraband).

Your ultimate companion for your PBT training routine. As a seamless blend of durability and functionality, this medium-strength resistance band is meticulously crafted to support and enhance your PBT and general fitness journey.

Built to Last: Engineered with the utmost durability in mind, the PBT Resistance Band is an essential tool for your training arsenal. Its robust design withstands the rigors of daily use, making it a reliable partner for your PBT exercises and beyond.

Optimal Size for Maximum Versatility: With a generous length of 3 meters and a width of 15cm, our resistance band is uniquely suited for PBT exercises which require this length. It’s extra long, allowing for a full range of motion, ensuring you can stretch and strengthen with complete freedom—perfect for the flowing, expansive movements of PBT workouts.

Latex-Free Comfort: The PBT Resistance Band is crafted with latex-free material, catering to all users, even those with latex sensitivities. This inclusive approach allows you to focus on your training without the worry of allergic reactions, making it a safe addition to any workout routine.

Perfect for PBT and More: Tailored for PBT exercises, our band outperforms most others on the market, providing the right resistance to complement your practice. However, its utility extends far beyond PBT, fitting into a variety of exercise programs, including yoga, Pilates, strength training, and more.

Get ready to stretch your potential and unleash your power with every pull.

Fusion Ball 3 Pack

Optimize Your PBT Routine with our 3-Pack Fusion Balls

Discover the effectiveness of our 3-Pack of Fusion Balls, an indispensable tool for your Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) exercises. Also known as Pilates balls, soft stability balls, or mini exercise balls, these fusion balls are specifically designed to enhance your PBT training experience.

Features of the 3-Pack Fusion Balls:

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a variety of PBT exercises, these fusion balls can be used to improve balance, strengthen core muscles, and enhance coordination, making them a crucial component of your ballet practice.
  • Set of Three: With three balls included, you can engage in a range of PBT exercises that require multiple balls, ensuring a comprehensive and effective workout.
  • High-Quality Material: Each ball is crafted from durable, soft material that is gentle on your body while providing the necessary resistance for effective training.
  • Compact and Portable: These mini exercise balls are conveniently sized for easy transportation, allowing you to maintain your PBT routine wherever you go.
  • Included Pump: The pack comes with a handy pump, making it effortless to inflate the balls to your desired firmness and get started with your exercises right away.
Exercise Ball

Master PBT Exercises with Our Premium Exercise Ball

Elevate your Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) training with our top-of-the-line Exercise Ball. Expertly designed to meet the demands of ballet dancers, this fit ball is an essential tool for enhancing your performance and technique.

Key Features of Our Exercise Ball:

  • PBT-Optimized: Specifically tailored for PBT exercises, this ball aids in strengthening core muscles, improving balance, and enhancing flexibility, making it a vital component of your ballet training regimen.
  • Anti-Burst Construction: Crafted for maximum safety, our exercise ball is made with an anti-burst material, ensuring it can withstand rigorous workouts and provide a stable platform for your exercises.
  • Textured Non-Slip Surface: The ball features a textured grip, offering a non-slip surface for a secure hold. This allows for precise movements and stability during your PBT routines.
  • Eco-Friendly PVC Material: Committed to sustainability, our exercise ball is made from eco-friendly PVC, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious dancers.
  • Versatile Use: While ideal for PBT, this exercise ball is also perfect for a variety of fitness routines, offering versatility for your overall workout needs.

Please Note: Our Exercise Ball does not come with a pump, allowing you to choose the inflation method that best suits your preference.

Transform your ballet practice with our Exercise Ball – the ultimate addition to your PBT equipment that combines safety, functionality, and eco-conscious design.

PBT Toe Socks

these socks redefine your foot's interaction with the ground, transforming every step into a statement of grace and precision.

Elevate Your Movement:
Each pair of PBT Toe Socks is a tribute to the artistry of movement. With our patented Silicone PBT logo and traction dots adeptly positioned on the foot and toes, your every pivot, plié, and pose is infused with an extra layer of stability. The five-toe design is not just an aesthetic choice—it's a functional one, allowing you to continue to feel and control your movements during your most demanding PBT exercises.

On Point Style:
Channel the poise of a prima ballerina with designs that reflect the finesse of the dance world. Our PBT Toe Socks are not just accessories; they're a part of your performance ensemble, perfecting your form whether you're mastering PBT exercises, yoga poses, engaging in an intense Pilates session, or embodying elegance in Barre.

Organic Comfort Meets Performance:
Crafted with the softest organic cotton, our socks offer a tactile experience like no other. The low-profile design discreetly hugs below the ankle, providing a sleek look that complements your natural silhouette. The gentle pressure of the arch band not only lifts and supports but also heralds a new era of comfort for the active foot.

Designed for Natural Movement:
The five-toe configuration allows your toes to move and spread as nature intended, promoting better balance and enhancing your foot's biomechanics. Every flex, stretch, and twist is empowered, propelling you through your workouts with a natural fluidity.

Unrivaled Grip for Safety and Performance:
Engineered for excellence, PBT Toe Socks come equipped with an elasticized top, central ribbing, and a functional heel tab—all meticulously designed to ensure the socks remain snug, no matter the intensity of your routine. The superior grip offered by our toe socks reduces the risk of slipping on sleek surfaces, allowing you to focus on your form and technique with unwavering confidence.

Your Workout Wardrobe Essential:
Make PBT Toe Socks a staple in your fitness collection and experience the merger of high-end technology with the artisanal touch of PBT's design philosophy. As you lace up your shoes or step barefoot onto the studio floor, feel the difference with PBT—a difference that not only stands out in quality but also in the poise and power it brings to your every movement.

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