Transform dance technique & enhance performance.

PBT is an innovative body conditioning and strengthening program focusing on training muscle memory through ballet specific exercises.
With the program, dancers and athletes can prevent injury and rehabilitate whilst gaining a great sense of posture, weight-placement and core strength.

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"PBT is of real benefit to dance students. The effective exercises will strengthen their core stability, muscle control, balance and help their dancing."

Li Cunxin AO

Best selling autobiography of Mao’s Last Dancer

Artistic Director |Queensland Ballet

Former Principal Dance|Australian Ballet

Former Principal Dance|Houston Ballet

"PBT aids in strengthening foundational aspects and I find it incredibly beneficial for students just starting ballet or professionals like myself. PBT has been transformative, whether it's helping to improve a jump, find your leg or cross your fifths. The results are incredible!"

Jovani Furlan

Principal Dancer | New York City Ballet

"PBT doesn’t only support my active dancing career in many ways but also prepares me for my teaching career in the future. This strengthening program creates an important base for a strong classical ballet technique and maintains a high-level condition in your body."

Kira Hilli

Dutch National Ballet